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Updated List:

Anthony Holliday 6'4 Guard
Marcus Owens 6'4 Guard
Nimrod Hilliard IV 6'1 Guard
Terrence Traylor 6'7 Forward
Donovan Ross 6'5 Forward
Tyran de Lattibeaudiere- 6'5 Forward
Octavius Green 6'7 Forward

Darryl Baker 6'2 Guard (Fall 2014)

Returning Players:

Rhon Mitchell 6'5 Forward
Amos Wilson 6'5 Forward
Donnell Minton 6'0 Guard
Sebastian Norman 6'9 Forward
Keilan Blanks 5'9 Guard
Matt Hancock 6'4 Guard
Brennan Doty 6'3 Guard

That's probably it for this recruiting class.

Terrence Traylor is NOT coming to LU now. Not sure why, but know that he is not coming!!!