It's that time of year when young men's thoughts drift to images of big burly men in tight spandex pants. Sounds creepy doesn't it. My co-worker is responsible for that quote, not me. With that said it is sort of true as football is just around the corner. Today is July 17 and most training camps either start or require players to report for training camp in just 11 days. The four day span between July 28 and August 1 most of the NFL teams, if not all of them, will begin the long grind of the 2016 NFL football season. Are you ready for some football? Yeah, I thought so. Me too!

With that said I expect Boomer and I will be passing along tidbits of wisdom but for now I am posting a link to an article from Fantasy Editor for Matt Harmon that gives us his "must have" wide receivers in fantasy leagues. With fantasy drafts just around the corner I figure it's time to start putting together your draft strategy. Note that in the article are links for "must have" QBs, RBs and TEs. If he gets around to D/ST must haves I will post that too.