I thought I was done posting today when I ran across this in an email from Oakley. As part of a promotion representing Team USA in the upcoming Olympics Bubba Watson is promoting a real, honest to goodness jetpack for practical use on the golf course. Check out the video in the article linked below, I've watched it now 4 times. It is just too cool. Anyone remember the first time a jetpack was ever seen? It was either at Super Bowl I or it was in the Sean Connery James Bond movie Thunderball. There hasn't been much of a practical use of jetpacks since even though people said we'd all be flying around in one by the end of the 20 century. Bond was always good for a cool gadget in the early days of the movie franchise. Remember Bond flying an ultra-light in You Only Live Twice? It wasn't all that long ago flying ultra-lights was fairly popular around this area. I think this golfing jetpack is awesome and even though the advert is more than a little tongue in cheek wouldn't it be cool if it replaced golf carts?