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Thread: NFL's Official Stance For Protest During the National Anthem

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    NFL's Official Stance For Protest During the National Anthem

    I find it very interesting that the NFL is siding with their liberal bed partners at ESPN, but not surprised. They are so concerned about the players constitutional rights, they are all but encouraging these asinine displays of disrespect. This is from a guy, Roger Goddell, who was the chairman of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, that does not tolerate any signs of protest while a country's anthem is played during the medal ceremony. Tommy Smith & John Carlos found out the hard way by being kicked out of the 1968 Olympics, without warning. The Olympic committee stated they would not tolerate any national political demonstrations in the games, yet allows this country's "USA" to be plastered everywhere on their apparel?

    If the NFL is so concerned about the individuals rights, why do they let the security folks at the game be armed, but those with 'concealed handgun licenses' are not allowed to bring in their firearms? Also heard today that several players wore 9/11 commemorative shoes during Sunday's games, but are going to be fined by the NFL for violation of the leagues uniform rule. What a joke!

    Speaking of rights! Did you know that all track & field athletes at the Rio Olympics had to sign a contract agreeing to only wear NIKE gear and apparel or they could be removed from the team? So you like Adidas shoes and you have a contract where they pay you to wear their brand, too bad. And this "NIKE only" was not only for times at Rio when competing, but anytime you were down there.

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    Re: NFL's Official Stance For Protest During the National Anthem

    I am concerned about the subject of the original debate. The protest of the anthem came from Collin Kaepernick who is concerned about black lives who have died at the hands of people who are on paid leave. A thinly veiled reference to police who have shot black people while on duty. Kaepernick corrected himself and changed black to any minorities but it was clear what he meant. The black lives matter movement came after two black men, one in Arkansas and one in Minnesota, were shot in the same night by police. It turns out that neither man was an innocent victim but with the help of the media the fit hit the shan and within a week vengeance minded "minorities" assassinated police officers around the country in retaliation. There is no doubt that there are bad cops but a lot of trouble would be avoided if people who are stopped just do what the cops tell them to do. Show you hands, get out of the car, and do what you're told. Simple. I know there are bad cops out there. We are all people and there is good and bad in every single walk of life. I would have had more respect for Kaepernick's protest if he had called for an end to violence by all people. If you look at the stats the number of police related killings is a drop in the bucket compared to "minority" lives lost because of gang violence or drug trafficking. Some of the killings are by cops who are themselves a minority. If you look at the Seattle Seahawks who stood for the anthem with arms interlocked showing a unity of all members of the team regardless of race to encourage a peaceful solution to injustice.
    As for the NFL and ESPN I agree they take the politically correct stance but it is only because to do otherwise would leave them open to criticism, media attack and a black eye for their respective companies. That's the best case scenario, the worst case is a litany of law suits for being prejudiced or biased. Their react is kind of what corporations do. Don't make waves and don't give the slightest inclination of bias or prejudice. It's just business.
    As for Roger Goodell, I don't remember him being head of the USOC but I could be wrong. Peter Ueberoth was head of the USOC in the 1980's when he was hired to be the commissioner of baseball. He didn't last long because he tried to do what he though was best for baseball and was fired for his trouble because the owners felt he should be doing what was best for them. I think I've made it clear I don't like Goodell in many posts on this site but the fact is the players have a constitutional right to protest. I don't like sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem, I prefer the way the Seahawks handled their business but it has called into dialog something minority players feels is important. What happens next is important because continued protest without any resolution is meaningless. To me, the goal is stop senseless violence by anyone against anyone. What do we do.
    The last point by Skinny was to question why cops can carry weapons and people who have carry and conceal licenses can't go to a stadium with their weapons. Really Skinny? Did you think about what you said before you hit 'Submit'? The point of security checks is keep people with guns out of public events to prevent a crazy person or people from targeting innocent victims. The cops are trained to not just carry their weapons but also they receive combat training that makes them infinitely more qualified than a guy who took a handgun course to qualify to carry a gun. This isn't Dodge City and by the way we went through a time that carrying weapons in town was discouraged because in the heat of the moment a person will reach for a weapon before he thinks about the consequences. Want meaningful change? Encourage the liberals to back off from liberal punishments and enforce the death penalty. Make it a capital crime to use a gun to commit a crime. Murder, of any class is automatic death penalty. Stop making conditions where purps have more rights than victims. I'm off my soapbox. Sorry.

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