It's that time again. I will be running the Pick'em Contest again this year and will keep it the same as last year. For those that didn't play or need a refresher, her are the rules for the game.

There will be 15 games to pick each week.
- If a game is cancelled then the following week will have a game added to the list.
All games will be Saturday games with kickoff at 11:00 AM or later.
- Exceptions to this rule will be in the event Lamar plays on a day other than Saturday and games played Thanksgiving week.
Thread will be locked at kickoff of the earliest game on the list.
One "Game Of The Week" each week with a score prediction
- Game Of The Week will be Lamar's game except for when Lamar doesn't play.

Game of the Week - 5 points
SLC vs SLC games - 3 points
SLC vs non-SLC games - 2 points
Other games - 1 point

Score Prediction - 10 points
Weekly Winner - 1 point