Although he wasn't a real go to guy either, when I saw that Albright did not return my expectations for finishing in the top two or three diminished. Nzeakor has improved a good bit but not enough to overcome that loss. The two freshman bigs are doing decent but they both have a ways to develop too. I expected more out of Harrison from how Price talked about him last year, but not playing in games may be a bigger factor than I thought. Robinson has been a somewhat pleasant surprise, but he may just need more court time. The earlier comment that only a couple of guys play all out pretty much every play is probably a tell tale as to why this team is failing to meet expectations. Garth and Harrison both don't seem to really get after it on defense. As for Price's tenure, it took three years for him to go after some legitimate height, maybe another year and he will find a couple of 6'3" guards including a point guard. These 5'10" guards don't cut the mustard. I don't care how good of a three point shot they are in high school, you put somebody guarding them that is four to six inches taller on them and the percentage goes way down.